When I was a teenager I had “ESP” Extra Sensitive Perception.  I was able to hear thoughts of others, and KNOW things that others seemed not to pay attention to.  I enjoyed it, but others seemed to be scared or think I was weird. Being in the “in” crowd, I did not want to be perceived as anything but a smiling, happy and fun girl, so I never really brought it out into the open.  Then in my early twenties I became the single mother of two active boys, and had no time to enhance or develop anything other than just my day-to-day survival techniques. Other than the occasional fleeting thoughts, I paid little attention to the thoughts of my intuition.  I went about a somewhat ordinary life, working as an executive officer for a local trade association, and attempting to raise my sons the best way I could.

On October 13, 1993, my life was instantly changed when I was visited by an angel.  My father had been diagnosed with liver cancer on Labor Day weekend 1993, and treatment had yet to begin.  My sister and I were visiting my mother and dad on the 12th when Dad declared he needed a nap. My mother, a nurse by trade, was worried.  So I decided to spend the night at their home.  My father had begun to request that I rub his feet, and as I did so that afternoon, I was taken back by the sight of a golden energy light that was emanating from his midsection. I thought I was seeing things, checked around for the sunlight coming through the windows, but of course there was none.  I could only chalk it up to the knowledge that there were “angels“ working on him. Now you must realize that at this juncture in my life angels were things in Christmas carols and on lapel pins. I had NO direct connection with them whatsoever.

I left the bedroom where he was lying and said to my sister “the angels are here” and she said “Oh.” I explained to her what I had seen and she then went on with her other tasks.

I spent the night on the couch upstairs close to their room, where my father spent a restless night wandering the house, until my mother would call him back to bed.  In the morning I went downstairs to take a shower and get ready to go to work.

As I showered, I believe I said a prayer asking for Dad to be helped.  As I did this the entire bathroom was filled with a golden light that was so intense that at first it filled me with fear.  The next moment a sense of PEACE and LOVE that I had never experienced prior to or since that day flowed down my spine, and I was instantly claimed. I “said” telepathically “What are you doing here?”  They (the angels) said “We are here to help you through the day. There is one here for your sister and your mother if she will let them in”.  I asked when it will be, and heard “Friday.” The light faded and I was left standing in the shower stark naked, with the thought that I had gone plum nutty.  OH Yeah!  Here’s this big executive talking to angels. “Well, just lock me up now”, was my thought.  But the feelings of the peace and love were still running through me, and I have to say, it was wonderful.  I went to work somewhat out of sorts that day, made it though the day, and then returned to my parent’s home by 6:00 pm that night.

My father passed away at 10:00 pm that evening.  He was semi-conscious, and as I was placing a pain pill in his mouth, he softly bit my finger, took a deep breath and I watched as his soul lifted out of him and headed towards the ceiling.  I watched it drift up and out, as my mother stood at his feet, looking at him and saying ”Goodbye, Walt.”  I was struck by how beautiful his passing out of his body was, and by the fact I was watching energy go up and out, not looking at the physical body as my mother was.  I then went about calling the mortuary and my sisters and other small tasks that took about 15 minutes, then went outside to get a breath of fresh air.  I was standing on the bridge that went to their front door, minding my own thoughts when I heard my father say.  ”Tell your mother I am out of pain, and tell her what happened to you today.”  After thinking that I was really nuts hearing dead people, I went back in and told her. She was not able to “hear” it, but that was okay, I knew what I had heard, and KNEW my Dad was just fine.  It was not until Friday at noon, that I understood what the Angels had meant when they said it would be Friday, since my Dad had passed on Wednesday.

Friday my entire family had gathered at Mom’s and the tension had risen to a point of exploding.   I could no longer feel Dad in the house, and he was a source of calm in many a family issue.  My father had left the area, and the entire family seemed to feel it on that Friday. I had to get out of the house, so I elected to do some errands and some shopping therapy. I headed to Target. As I pushed my cart past the book aisle, what do I see, but a book on angels. The title was Touched by Angels, by Eileen Elias Freeman.  I purchased it, and finished reading the book by Saturday evening.  The one line that stuck out in my mind was  “If you have had a true angel encounter your life will be changed forever.”

My life has been changed forever. Since that October day in 1993, my path has been to learn all I can about being intuitive and all that implies.  I consider myself one of the truly blessed people who gets to live my life’s purpose, and serve others in the process.  I am continually grateful to my father for giving me the greatest gift of my life in the last hours of his.

In my journey towards becoming an intuitive healer, I have developed my natural ability as a clairvoyant, clairaudient, claircognisant and clairsentient.  My strengths are being clairaudient and clairsentient.  I have developed my abilities as a medium and channel for information received from our passed over loved ones, as well as our personal guardian angels and archangels and other master beings.

I have developed my abilities to channel messages from master beings, and allow them to occupy my physical body on occasion to deliver new and profound messages for the groups that I teach and interact with.


REIKI Master, Massage Therapist, certified angel therapist and medium,plus numerous other non-certified modalities.


I believe that life is a journey, and we agree to the basic path of it before we are born.

I believe we are here to learn lessons, clear karma and create new karma.

I believe we create our own life within the parameters of our basic path and the lessons we are here to learn.

I believe we are all part of the “ONE”.

I believe in God, angels, master beings and elemental beings.

We are here to experience the “textures of life on this planet.”  We can make what we want of it.

Our body dies at the correct time.

YES! Everyone has the ability to open up their own intuition and use it to benefit their lives.