Activations and Attunements

Following is an explanation of the attunements and activations process which is intended to open the soul and allow it to realize its full purpose. This process allows you to live and walk as a soul in full light and still remain and function in human form.

The majority of this process has been channeled to Denise beginning in mid 2006, and as of November 2011, continues to be updated and enhanced.

There are several levels to it and each level is intended to bring you closer to the truth of your soul’s peace and purpose.  It is an exciting adventure and one that can bring a great deal of “Knowing” and  “Peace” to you through allowing you to see and feel the truth of what is real in this world we live in. It is not necessarily the most comfortable process at all times, but the discomfort does not last too long, and as one sees the truth and accepts it, all becomes well within. The process is designed to slowly eliminate the layers of fears and past issues which are no longer serving you.

We welcome you to begin the process and join the journey to becoming a Light Walker.


The journey begins with activating 10 strands of DNA allowing you to be reconnected with your original “Blue Print”.

The DNA activation is conducted in 2 stages. 

The first attunement/activation begins the process of removing layers of past karma, issues, fears, and blocks regarding any former religious contracts, persecutions, beliefs, philosophies, etc. which are no longer serving you.

We then connect you to your divine purpose, as well as other divine gifts such as the divine feminine and masculine, wisdom, knowledge, power and health. Your feet will light up at this time and you begin to walk in the divine light which flows from them.

You are also filled with rainbow light. As your light begins to shine, it becomes difficult for some others around you to be in your presence if they are not comfortable being in the light. The rainbow light defuses the power and intensity of this light for those who fear it while allowing you to fully shine in love.

The second attunement/activation is intended to “clean” your barnacles. In other words, this attunement helps clear away the really deep and hard to let go of past items that you have held onto, such as grief, sadness, self condemnation. Lessons which you have not completed up to this point in your life will present themselves to you over the next few weeks and months, and you will have the opportunity to learn and complete them. Healings between loved ones, missed opportunities to help others, or embrace new changes will be brought forward for you to enjoy healing.

The third attunement/activation is the implantation of “seeds” which will be used to awaken the soul to its full capacity. The number of “seeds” is different for each person, and they are opened slowly to allow for the physical body to absorb the effects of the change. Changes such as awakening your power of clairvoyance, or your ability to hear messages are enhanced.  Judgments will slowly leave and memories of what it is like to be a soul will slowly take shape.

The fourth attunement/activation is the implantation and connection of eight strands of energy which connect you to the divine grid. Eight stands of ethic energy are brought into existence and activated within each body. These strands create a deeper connection with divine joy, love, health and balance, energy, rainbow energy, time no time, freedom, tribal unity and universal energy.

The fifth attunement/activation is the energetic removal of your core. The part of you which holds your past memories, pains, self inflections and lessons you have completed in the physical life time is removed. We literally remove the core essence of you allowing space for the soul to awaken into its own purpose without the pasts chatter in the way. This is not to be taken lightly, as once the core is removed it can not be replaced. This does not mean that you loose the memories, just the energetic impact of the thoughts which hold you from moving forward.

The sixth attunement/activation is a clean up. You will be taken back on the time line of this life and given the opportunity to clean up and remove old issues. You will be taken back to the moment of conception cleaned and cleared of pain which you brought forward with you. You will then be brought forward to today clean and cleared of these old issues. A trip to your past life records is also taken and you have the opportunity to clean and clear any other life times that are affecting this existence.

The seventh attunement/activation is flight and stepping into the soul.  We are able to allow the soul to take flight anytime.  A journey to another place in time or space will be taken.  This is the beginning of time travel which, of course, as a soul, you will be able to do with ease.  By stepping into the soul, you will be YOU, with the prime function of your soul being the driving force of this life’s existence.  In ceremony the soul will be asked to come forward and begin its purpose here, working with the ego and body, and not held back by them.  Divine Light, Love and Joy are intended to be yours while still functioning in human form.

The eighth attunement/activation is heart opening and clarity of purpose.  Our souls are given the opportunity to travel to the 7th dimension to have our sold cleared of any heart pain we may have accumulated during this lifetime or any other lifetime. Our souls are then given the opportunity to travel to the 8th dimension to have our souls cleared for clarity of purpose.

The ninth attunement/activiation is the  Divine Blueprint. We are given the opportunity to have our chromosomes and DNA adjusted to the original creation design, as well as all or own request. 

The tenth attunement/activiation is a grid for the ending of duality.  It will allow you to easily receive the universe’s messages.

These attunement and activations are done approximately 6 weeks apart to allow the physical body to adjust to the shift in energy. You will be asked to meet with the angelic realm between each attunement, which can be an enjoyable experience. This process is for the open minded and those with the desire to move forward towards completing their soul’s purpose during this lifetime.  Namaste’