Dear Denise:

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you. I realize I have in person, but that does not feel or seem like enough.

You are a most gifted and inspired teacher. You impart knowledge in a way that is easy, enjoyable and extremely effortless. People like me on the receiving end are able to absorb the information and immediately integrate our new found knowledge into our lives. You are completely and entirely one of the most generous, munificent, bounteous people I have had the good fortune to meet, to study with and to receive wonderful energy healing from your enormous heart….

Your friend and devotee,
Helen J Birdsong CH

“Denise is a gifted medium, healer and teacher with an abundance of integrity.  She is grounded channel and is very professional in the way she conducts private sessions and leads truly informative and unique classes. I highly recommend her to anyone who is looking to connect with Spirit, who wants to expand their own intuitive learning and to enhance their spiritual journey.”  L.H.


The following was written by Grant Rosen after a session with Denise and his passed over father.
In this now, my spirit, you are safe.
In this now, my spirit, you suffer no atrocities.
In this now, my spirit, you commit no atrocities.
In this now, my spirit, my throat constricts and my eyes burn from tears that run, not in agony and fury, but in remembrance and healing.
In this now, my spirit, we walk together on a trail through a shady oak grove up to a grassy plateau, where we share the cool damp wind.
In this now, my spirit, I will protect you, and when I think of you, you will lift me up and make me light.
In this now, my spirit, as I think of you, you make everything new.
In this now, my spirit, our eyes hear the busy machinery of the leaves, and our ears hear the music that closes our eyes and makes us peaceful and glad.
In this now, my spirit, when I ask you forth, you peek out, and then make a silvery dome over everything.
In this now, my spirit, you have been, and are still, and will be surrounded by uncommon beauty and love and friends to us.
In this now, my spirit, we are grateful for each other, and all the rest, and try imperfectly to return the favor.

In the next now, my spirit, will you remember be?  After all, it was only a fleeting pause, and I do not know those who came before me.
In the next now, my spirit, and the next and the next and the next, where will we be?  After the ice age, and the next warming, and there is nothing recognizable, as we pinwheel at the edge of a galaxy that spins away through space, where will we be?

In all the wild, uncaring universe, the safest space for us is the unimaginably tiny one we occupy as we lay in the arms of the Loved One.
In this now, my spirit, we touch the softness and warmth of her skin, of her hips and breasts.  Well,  you know the rest…
In this now, my spirit, I think we should see what’s in the ‘fridge, or maybe get a cookie.


Hello Denise,

I just want to send a heartfelt “Thank You” in reference to our conversation! I have done other readings before and each one would express to me my gift as a healer, and went on to explain all the God given talents I have been given!  In the past I would end the conversation feeling and also knowing that one day I will start living up to my full potential. One day I would be Great in all aspects of life. (One day) still I was left questioning, when will that day come? But I always knew something was still blocking me!! Your reading seemed so simple , but I do feel it was the most profound! Your reading is the missing piece to a very long sought after piece of the puzzle. I will take our conver-sation along with the archangel Michael and walk into my divine destiny, with the knowledge I have learned today.



Conductor’s Prayer

Sweet Angels, servants of Thee Almighty
Send this prayer throughout His sacred four corners
You have blessed Your creation with this child
For she guides man’s soul in concert
With reverent Angels blessings

She moves light energies like a symphony
Move the soul closer to You.
I pray You bless her with many days
Of joyful songs from Thy sacred heart
And soothing words for an aching soul

Bless her
Protect her
Grace her
With Your eternal healing Light of Love
As she conducts Thy work on earthly plane.

For Denise


To say my work with Denise has changed my life is nearly an understatement! Good luck trying to figure out to recreate how you feel after a personal session with her! Talk about a natural high! Her channeling class has changed my practice completely, it has catapulted my work with clients and opened up my intuition more than I ever imagined.  Her activation course has literally changed my reality, I have never been happier in my life. She is so very clear and from the heart. My gratitude can hardly be expressed. I am eternally grateful for what she has done for me and what she is doing for so many. Maybe one day I can be president of her fan club.  – Bree Melanson